To Validar, the badge credential is a conduit to our greater value. Even though Validar excels at onsite registration and on demand badge printing, our greater value is tied to using the credential to track attendee behavior. Here are four (4) Validar value propositions, that are derived from the badge credential. 

Improve during and post event call downs 

Full journey depiction

Know your customers full journey prior to following up!


We use our badge credential to track content consumption. If Validar is deployed well, your sales team should know, during and post event, how your event content has impacted your key customers and accounts. At a minimum, when following up post event answers to these questions should be readily available to Sales. 

  • What key contacts and accounts showed up?
  • Which sessions did they attend?
  • Did that session content generate renewed interest?
  • Did they see a demo on the show floor? 
  • Did that demo generate renewed interest?

Imagine how much more effective your call downs will be with this info. It all starts with the badge!

Measure and score your content effectiveness

The badge credential is required to track content consumption, which is then required to capture session feedback effectively. Validar takes great pride in our session evaluation capabilities. If deployed well, your content is scored on a Likert scale so you know which sessions scored well, and more importantly which ones need work.

Increase lead value and volume for exhibiting sponsors

The aforementioned data sets, session attendance list, and evaluation reports, are extremely valuable to event producers. They can be even more valuable to exhibiting sponsors. Give your sponsors a slot on the schedule for a 15 minute spotlight, track attendance on their behalf, and allow attendees to opt-in to meet in the session evaluation. These can be a very valuable lead data sets that you can sell. You need a badge first though!

Recognize and reward engagement that is important to you

As an event producer, you work very hard creating content and an agenda for your community members, customers and prospects. Recognizing, rewarding, and marketing extraordinary engagement can be an excellent tool to raise community engagement overall. Some of the best brands in the world excel in leveraging engagement and loyalty programs to reward community members that are truly engaged. It all starts by tracking attendee behavior, which requires a badge credential. 

If these value points resonate, please call us to learn more!