Validar is proud to be a Hopin integrated partner. More importantly, we love the results our joint customers are experiencing. Below are 4 reasons why you should consider integrating Validar vSpace into Hopin for you next event.

Increase the lead volume for your exhibiting community

The Hopin attendee user interface is really good, and our vCapture Opt-in tool is prominently place in the right-hand navigation. When this opt-in tool is gamified on behalf of your exhibitors in Hopin, we’ve seen extraordinary digital lead volume!

Measure the effectiveness of your session and stage content

Our evaluation solution EventHub™ looks great in Hopin and when gamified, you now have a marketing tool that can be leveraged to increase evaluation rates so you truly know what content is resonating well, and what needs to be pulled or changed. vSpace and Hopin have proven to be able to deliver evaluation response rates exceeding 20% which is excellent!

Recognize and market extraordinary engagement to bring engagement up overall

With vSpace and Hopin, your attendees can see and compare their engagement activities to top performers. Engagement at digital events is the greatest challenge for event producers. vSpace on Hopin is the perfect marketing tool to help address this. How will your community respond when they see you recognize extraordinary engagement? We have seen amazing results in increased evaluation response rates, and attendee to exhibitor engagement KPI’s with vSpace on Hopin!

 Extend gamification across multiple Hopin events and create a loyalty program

If your Hopin event program is extensive and serves a community over time, vSpace can allow for your community to earn points and rewards across multiple events. Now you can build a loyalty program with automatic gift fulfillment that your community can leverage just like their favorite airline or hotel rewards program.

Events are different now based upon everything we’ve learned during this pandemic. vSpace and Hopin is a derivative of these lessons and combined we’ve proven to be able to deliver great results. Call us to learn more!