FISH Technologies and Validar Announce Exclusive Partnership

Posted on December 15th, 2015 by Victor Kippes

FISH and Validar partner to make BtoB Conferences more experiential, engaging, and measurable

Addison, TX (PRWEB) December 15, 2015

Today FISH Technologies, the leading provider of experiential technologies and data collection platforms for live events, announced an exclusive partnership with Validar, a leading provider of B2B event registration and data capture solutions, to help make business to business conferences more experiential, engaging, and measurable. Michael Gilvar, FISH CEO, says “the aim of the partnership is to provide event organizers with a true turnkey Event Operating System. Our combined solution provides actionable insights, measurable ROI, and most of all an improved attendee experience.”

The FISH – Validar Platform provides a turnkey solution that includes pre-registration, onsite registration, badge printing, attendee behavior tracking and onsite experiential technologies. Some of the highlights of what the FISH-Validar partnership provides our customers are:

  •     RFID Session Tracking
  •     BLE Attendee Tracking and Messaging
  •     Real Time Data Dashboards
  •     Pre-Event Registration
  •     Onsite Check-In and Registration and Badge Printing
  •     Exhibitor/ Partner Lead Capture and Qualification
  •     Robust explicit and implicit session attendance tracking
  •     Personalized Attendee Content Landing Page (Microsite)
  •     Playbook- Personalized Daily Agendas
  •     Engagement Gamification
  •     Experiential Engagement Technologies
  •     Social Media Integration/ Visualization
  • FISH & Validar from FISH Technologies on Vimeo.

Validar, for the past 10 years, has provided registration and data capture solutions for some of the most recognizable B2B event producers in the world. Victor Kippes, Validar President and CEO, states that “I love the experiential technology FISH deploys at the world’s most visible and highly attended marquee B2C events. They understand the value of actionable data. Combining our technologies can revolutionize both the attendee experience and revenue impact of our client’s large B2B events. Our technology augments theirs very well.”
About Validar
Validar is a B2B Lead Management company that specializes in events. Validar’s goal is to close the loop between event marketing and sales by enabling through technology the ability to drive relevant activity to sales while measuring the event performance and revenue impact. Validar provides onsite registration and data collection tools focused on capturing the impact event content has on attendees, especially renewed interest. Validar wants the event producer to know the true economic value of their marketing efforts. For more information on Validar please visit

About FISH
FISH is the data behind the experience. FISH supports brands, event organizers, and sports leagues, with an event operating system that enables the collection of attendee data, facilitates active brand engagement, and provides the ability for attendees to collect content, enter sweepstakes, and share experiences through social media. The FISH platform powers many of the worlds most recognized brands and events, including the US Army, US Air Force, Hyundai, Samsung, NFL, US Open Tennis, and Major League Soccer. For more information about the FISH solutions please visit


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Validar Inc. Announces Update to Mobile Session Attendance Tracking

Posted on June 11th, 2015 by Victor Kippes

linea proValidar is very excited to announce an expansion to our Mobile Session Attendance Tracking solutions.  Validar has always had a firm belief that qualifying leads and attendees at the point of capture and when in- dialog at events is key to measuring performance. It is vitally important that data we capture becomes available in real-time, especially Session Attendance data, since our mobile evaluation tool EventHub® is dynamically tied to it.

With our new Mobile Session Attendance tracking solution we can now post data in real-time which activates an evaluation within EventHub®. Imagine having attendees provide feedback while your content is fresh in their mind and before they move onto their next session!  Our new Mobile session tracking solution provides:

  • The fastest scan performance in the industry
  • The ability to control access to sessions across multiple devices and entrances
  • The ability to integrate with any registration system
  • The ability to post data on scan for real-time reports
  • The ability to automatically activate a session survey for mobile EventHub® feedback

“Our customers have been asking for access to real-time session attendance data and more flexibility in how they import and map this data into lead management foundation. With this expansion, we can now make session attendance data available in real-time for treatment. We will continue to invest heavily in making Validar’s rich data more accessible and consumable by our customers”, says Victor Kippes, CEO of Validar.


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Validar Inc. Announces Update to Lead Import for AppExchange

Posted on May 22nd, 2014 by Victor Kippes

For eight years, Lead Import for AppExchange has enabled Event Marketers to automatically drive leads direct from the show floor into their organization for immediate follow-up and treatment.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) May 22, 2014

Today, Validar Inc, a leading provider of lead management technology for event marketers, announces an expansion of Lead Import for AppExchange focused on serving event marketers that use as a portion of their lead management foundation.

With this update, Event Marketers and Tradeshow exhibitors will have even more control over the data integrity within their organization. Lead Import for AppExchange now enables system administrators to overwrite and update any blank custom field within their organization whether it be a check list, Boolean logic or Record type.

Lead Import for AppExchange is the premier tool for managing, categorizing and importing offline lead sources, like Validar’s Universal Lead Capture lead retrieval solution used at Tradeshows, SMS or QR Code Opt-in landing pages and registration kiosks. With Lead Import your tradeshow and event data is automatically scored, posted, de-duped, and mapped to any field, distribution rule, campaign or campaign member status. This allows for immediate and effective treatment of leads within By reducing the cost to process and enter leads, cost to qualify, and increasing the average net sales per lead by reducing lead decay, Validar’s Lead Import for AppExchange is of tremendous value to many departments of your organization.

“Our customers have been asking for even more flexibility in how they import and map lead qualification data into With this update, we provide even more control to companies that have complex lead and campaign distribution requirements”, says Victor Kippes, CEO of Validar.

To learn more about Validar’s lead capture and registration solutions, please visit To learn more about Lead Import for AppExchange, please visit our listing on the http:// AppExchange.

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The Value of allowing Attendees to control post event treatment

Posted on May 22nd, 2014 by Victor Kippes

For B2B events, we at Validar have the pleasure and honor of working with some of the smartest event marketers in the world.  The content, energy, excitement and value is tremendous for every attendee.  This is true for both tradeshow exhibitors and corporate event producers.  How do companies gauge their performance though with regards to creating renewed interest from attendees in their products and services?  Click here to learn more from our Blog.  

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