Integration on your terms
Event Insight Data is now available for integration into any system you desire. Whether it be, Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, Microsoft Dynamics, or Tableau, these systems need to know who attended, session participation, questions asked, and if renewed interest was generated via your awesome event content.
Marketing ROI, credited
Getting people to attend your event, sit through a session, request follow-up through our EventHub mobile app is an amazing accomplishment. We want you to capture this and get credit for it by making sure you're other systems and data repositories stay in sync.
Learn how you can use the Validar REST API to connect all your systems and measure event ROI from top to bottom.
Extend your Marketing Stack to the Show Floor
Validar can integrate with your existing stack and make sure everything remains seamless for your attendees.
Pre Registration Platform Integration
This integration is great for:
  1. Fee based events with expected heavy walk-in traffic
  2. Events that offer dynamic agenda building
  3. Events with access control requirements
  4. Multiple event series
Top Integrations
We've integrated with most of the top event platforms and add more all the time.

  • Attendease
  • Certain
  • Cvent
  • EEG360
  • Eloqua
  • Eventbase
  • Eventbrite
  • Marketo
  • Splashthat
Segment your Audience
No matter the system, leverage our Rest API to drive two segments of your session attendees into your Marketing Stack, Sessions Attendees and Attendees that have requested followup.
Our clients love us
The Validar REST API is ready to help you capture and connect all your events data in the systems you already use.