If your event is intended to generate demand you’ll want your sales team working in collaboration with you. You’ll also want to make sure you receive ample credit for your revenue contribution. There is no better way to accelerate sales that through face to face events. Here are four tips to consider that will insure you maximize the impact your event content has on sales pipeline.

1)       Leverage your sales team pre-event!

Your sales team is responsible for understanding your customers and prospects challenges, needs and desires. Leverage them by;

·       Eliciting agenda input.  If your content aligns with solving the aforementioned points, you’re on target specific to your event intent; generating demand.

·       Driving attendance.  Create an incentive program within your organization that rewards territory attendance. The Sales rep that drives the most attendees from their territory wins a prize!

2)     Treat your agenda as a sales enablement tool

The better you understand your customers needs, the more impactful your event content can be. There are two data points that you should be tracking and sharing with your marketing stack and sales team;

·       Who’s consuming your event content or who attended a session?

·       Of those that attended a session, who’s has expressed interest in extending the conversation; i.e. Do they want to meet with a Subject Matter Expert regarding the topic?

Validar excels at tracking this type of attendee behavior with our session tracking and EventHub™ integrated mobile feedback solutions!

1)       Drive meetings from sessions with a well marketed opt-in!

There is no better way to accelerate buying than by driving meetings to Sales as sessions and keynotes wrap up. Our new vMeetings application allows attendees to opt-in to meet with an Subject Matter Expert (Sales) in near real-time. vMeetings will immediately trigger an SMS or Email acknowledgement back to the Attendee with an integrated link to a meeting platform of your choice, such as the Jifflenow. If you event content resonated with an individual attendee, you can now capture and act upon this interest live during the event.

1)       Make sure your Marketing Stacks knows your event content impact!

By implementing the aforementioned tips, your contribution to the pipeline will be significant. Without capturing actionable attendee behavior data, your sales team and systems will never know or recognize this impact. Make sure your sales team and systems know all the content each attendee consumed, and more importantly if that content resonated and generated renewed interest.

Validar is ideally suited to capture actionable attendee behavior data for during and post event treatment. We can help you recognize and articulate your full value as an Event Marketer. Your company deserves to know!

Let us know if you want to learn more.

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