Real-time attendee influence
EventScore provides event marketers with a means to influence attendee behavior by providing incentives to attendees to participate and provide feedback at breakout sessions, product demos, expo hall visits and more.
Satisfied sponsors
Event Sponsors are often a huge key to event success. EventScore provides an ideal framework to drive attendees to the show floor when and where sponsors want to see them.
You'll wonder how you managed events before once you experience the power of EventScore.
What are your attendees doing?
Incentivize, track, and understand your attendees on a whole new level
Track attendees automatically as they move throughout the show flow. Beacons help you understand the flow of traffic and help you understand what's really working at your event.
Response rates
It's nearly impossible to get a perfect response rate on sessions at your event, but with EventScore, you can push attendees to any specific action, giving you the power to fill up slower sessions and get more feedback then ever.
With sponsors to please, your own sales team to support, and any number of event variables, it's nice to be able to encourage attendance and movement throughout. Gamifcation let's you incentivize any number of in-event attendee actions.
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