vConnect is ideal for you if your event is intended to generate demand. Coupled with our Session Tracking and EventHub® Evaluation toolset, there is no better solution for Event Marketers to capture and treat actionable data in Salesforce.

vConnect is a secure managed AppExchange application that pushes Validar Overall and Session attendance data directly into Salesforce Campaigns. In addition, we leverage EventHub Dynamic evaluations to allow attendees to opt-in to meet with subject matter experts should event content resonate and generate renewed interest.

Salesforce record depicting sessions attended, booth demo’s seen and meetings requested, all compliments of vConnect!

Improve your post event call downs

Imagine pulling up a record in Salesforce and knowing not only which sessions they have attended but what topics attendees want to discuss further. vConnect pushes this data into Salesforce in real-time! Now you can send Salesforce notifications to your Sales team, live during the event to extend the conversation.

Segment your session audience

With vConnect, your Salesforce campaign strategy will need to accommodate your event schedule. Setup a primary campaign for your overall event, and child campaigns for your sessions. Validar will track session attendance at your event and automatically associate your Salesforce contacts to these campaigns. We will also update the member status value to “attended with follow-up” should they request a meeting regarding the session topic. When you access your child campaigns, you will not only know who attended, but of those, who wants to meet with a subject matter expert.

Leverage Salesforce Campaigns to capture the entire journey

With Validar and vConnect, now your sales team will know of those that registered, who attended, what content they consumed, if that content resonated and if they want to meet regarding any event experience!

Know your true Pipeline impact

With vConnect, the value of integrating your event data into Salesforce campaigns is exponentially greater. By populating your overall event campaign and child session campaigns, you have a much greater chance of creating new sales opportunities and influencing existing ones. There is no better way to increase pipeline impact and garner proper credit for your marketing efforts!

Should you desire to integrate with Marketo or Eloqua in a similar fashion, let us know. We can do this as well!

Please reach out if you are interested in learning more. As an event producer you deserve credit for your amazing event program and content.