How do I earn points?
You will earn points from the moment you start interacting on the event platform. Points can be earned retroactively. You can earn points through different activities within the event platform. For a more detailed view on what activities will earn points, please see the Game Rules Page.
How long does it take for points to show up on the leaderboard?
Typically it can take between 15-20 minutes to show up on the leaderboard.
I attended a session, but the points do not show up in my score, what do I need to do?
We have a session limit for you to earn points. Please check the Game Rules Page for the minimum amount of time to be in a session in order to earn points. Additionally there is a limit of points you can earn per session that are happening at the same time. If you attended 2 sessions that started at the same time, you will only receive points for 1 of them, as they are in the same time block.
I downloaded 5 products from a sponsor, but only got 1 point value as opposed to 5, why is that?
We want to encourage attendees to not abuse the game, therefore we have a limit of 1 document download per exhibitor.
Where do I go to see my activities and associated point values?
Please navigate to the "My Evaluations or My Score" Tab to see a detailed breakdown of all sessions attended and any other activities. If you have the "My Evaluations" Button, you can also see all Evaluations that are available for feedback.
If your question is not answered here, please contact us at