Orbit combines the Goldcast Digital Event Platform, with Validar's live event onsite registration, attendee behavior tracking, gamification and feedback for both digital and physical activity.
In-person, virtual, with Validar and Goldcast.
Hybrid Events
Events that combine the best aspects of in-person events with those of virtual events.
Orbit: |
Multiply your efforts with the hybrid model
Orbit is Goldcast and Validar combined with expert service that maximizes return on modern events by:

  • Removing setup complexity online and in-person
  • Enabling cohesive, cross-medium attendee experiences
  • Generating community interaction regardless of venue
  • Providing powerful combined attendee insights
Get the best of both worlds by revolving around your attendees
Build hybrid events that benefit from the best parts of in-person and virtual events.
Let's be clear: You simply can't replace face-to-face events. You also can't deny the benefits virtual events can offer. Savvy event marketers are learning that a hybrid event strategy can maximize ROI by allowing attendees & community members to engage when and where works (and is safe) for them.

Goldcast and Validar bring together the best of both worlds.
How it works
If you're too busy, skip learning another new platform and dealing with time-consuming setup or technical difficulties.
Setup done for you, by experts
Validar has a team of technical experts with deep knowledge of best in class virtual event tools. Combined with our years in face-to-face events, we're uniquely suited to help you on both fronts.
Event day execution & support
We'll be online in real-time and on-site to make sure everything runs smoothly on digital and physical fronts. From speaker tech checks to multi-streams, we've got you!
Lead scoring, CRM sync
Instead of messy exports or data stuck in different platforms, you get combined robust attendee insights, qualified leads, & a happy sales team and CRM.
Combine the passion & connection of in-person with the scale, cost, and convenience of virtual
You simply can't beat the excitement generated when people really get together.
Whiteboards, conference rooms, and handshakes haven't found their virtual match just yet.
Call it kismet, luck, or serendipity, these events create strong, unexpected connections.
Extend your reach
Go global with your content and and offer different ticket types to accommodate those that can't or will not travel.
No more time and space boundries
Your content can be a great asset now. Market like an HBO mini series and allow attendees to consume content on their own time.
You and your attendees can join from work, the road, even in your pajamas.
See everything in your Orbit: All Goldcast and Validar data is combined in Event Insight
Running a hybrid event doesn't mean you have to give up neatly scored leads, followup insights, and robust attendee engagement data.
Digital only and Mobile!
Navigate your event in person. Message attendees online. Schedule meetings, and connect via video chat, both physical and digital only
Validar Attendee Behavior Tracking
Track overall, session attendance, sponsor visits and feedback for both physical and digital attendees.
Validar vCheckin
Best in class onsite registration and on demand badge printing, fully integrated with the Goldcast platform.
With EventScore, you can keep attendees engaged with physical & digital rewards throughout your experience! Come up with your own rewards and we'll help you deliver.
Validar Sponsor Lead Management
Automatically distribute both digital only, and physical leads to your exhibiting sponsors all in the same location ranked and categorized.
Lead Retrieval
You and your sponsors can customize your qualifiers to match your needs. All your leads will be neatly synced & organized with Salesforce or your CRM.
Granular Feedback
Whether online or off, get specific feedback form attendees down to individual speakers and sessions.
Real-time Support
Badge printing issue? Buggy stream? We're there for you on all fronts of your event
Evergreen content, lead magnets
Benefit or even monetize your event content over longer periods of time.
Validar and Goldcast
Two best in class platforms fully integrated for Hybrid events.
Explore Our Solutions
Use Goldcast and Validar to drive attendee engagement, increase sponsor value and measure your event effectiveness whether your event is digital only or hybrid on the Goldcast Platform.
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Orbit Hybrid Solution
EventScore points for Session Attendance
EventScore points for Sponsor Engagement
Branded Leader Board
Daily EventScore Reports
EventHubâ„¢ Dynamic Feedback
Event Insight Access
Session Attendance Counts and metrics
Content Measurement Report
Session Attendance and 'Hand Raisers'
Sponsor Package; Session Leads, vCapture Virtual
vMeetings for Sponsors
Onsite Registration and Badge Printing
Physical Session Tracking
vCapture Onsite Lead Retrieval
Looking for a smaller package? To ensure your privacy and a top-notch software product, we don't work on a 'fremium' model, but we're happy to work with you on a custom solution.
We revolve around you
Mary Ann Boyle
Director of Meetings, HL7
We really cannot thank you and your team enough for the success of our DevDays 2020 Virtual Event!
Natalie Tekippe
Regional Marketing Specialist at Sirius Computer Solutions
Absolutely fantastic experience. From the sales stage to the execution and live support the entire team was more than satisfied with the software and service of Validar. We will definitely be using Validar again in the future!
Connect with the Validar team today to learn more about Orbit and maximizing your ROI with the hybrid event approach!