Overcoming the Resource Demand of Virtual Events with Victor Kippes

SLMA Radio Podcast Replay

The events industry has had a lot to overcome this year. With the majority of events in 2020 canceled, teams around the world pivoted quickly to hosting virtual events. SLMA radio’s Susan Finch sits down to chat with Victor Kippes, CEO to discuss benefits, trade-offs and top strategies to hosting a successful virtual event.

In this podcast, we cover:

  • Lessons learned from our customers who quickly shifted to virtual events
  • How Validar shifted their best-in-class attendee tracking to the virtual stage
  • Benefits of hosting hybrid events now, and in the future


Replay here: SLMA Radio


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Making Virtual Events Real with Phil Mershon

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Phil Mershon, director of events at Social Media Examiner, talks through the strategies he uses to ensure a successful virtual event.

This podcast covers:

  • Why it is important to build great content
  • Ways to tailor content to your particular audience
  • How to build a good marketing plan


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A Tech Providers Take on Virtual & Hybrid Events in 2020 with Kevin Lorch

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With 20 years of experience in enterprise and SaaS, Kevin Lorch discusses his insights on the new tech behind virtual events.

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  • When do event experts think in-person events will come back?
  • What sets of technologies are the most important during a virtual event?


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More Engagement At Virtual Events With The Sketch Effect with William Warren

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After months of quarantine, the zoom fatigue is real. This podcast covers how to up your engagement with the Sketch Effect.

What is the Sketch Effect? Using visuals (animated videos, sketches and other imagery) to engage your audience as a topic is being discussed. The most popular form of this is with an artist actively listening and drawing the content beautifully for attendees to consume.

Also covered:

  • Why the sketch effect is the most effective in information retention
  • How to keep attendees engaged post-event


Replay here: Event Tech Podcast