Anysource™ Web to Lead

Anysource™ Web to Lead

Turn ANY technology you currently have into a lead-capture device. With AnySource™ Web-to-Lead your leads are managed with the same consistency and rigor regardless of where they came from.

Your programmers will love how simple adding our small piece of code is. You’ll love turning your existing technology into a lead magnet that meets your marketing requirements.

  • Pre-event registration forms?
  • Flash based forms?
  • Ajax-based forms?

Pick One. Pick Many. Your existing forms just got backed by a survey engine. AnySourceTM forms are customizable with any type of survey question.

Whether your existing forms are in PHP, HTML, C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript or Java, it doesn’t matter, AnySource is your first choice in Web-to-Lead.

Use AppExchange? See your Lead source Manager data and graphs using Mash-up graphical view.

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