Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Who’s Attending and Why?

Onsite Registration Manager and EventHub® make it easy to answer these questions.
Onsite Registration Manager does more than create a great onsite check-in experience. Its very design makes it easy to capture valuable attendee metrics.
EventHub® does more than help attendees manage their event experience. Its design provides insights into the ‘why’ attendees are there.

Where did your attendees go?

Session Tracking and Sponsor Lead Retrieval make this information available in real-time and post event.
Session Tracking gives you four ways to manage attendee session attendance.
Sponsor Lead Retrieval provides sponsors or exhibitors with valuable actionable sales lead data.

What did they think?

Paperless Feedback and Smart List Marketing tools enable same-day feedback.
Paperless Feedback leverages the power of the EventHub® mobile web application, SMS or the onsite registration stations to make feedback convenient.
Smart List Marketing leverages the power of messaging to engage event attendees.

How did we do?

Accuracy in answering that question can make a difference in post-event benefits.
Event Insight and Event Insight Mobile give you the power to measure how an event leads to increased business.
CRMPlus+ puts the actionable data Validar has collected into the format your sales teams can use to follow leads.
Lead Import for Appexchange enables you to transfer the data you’ve captured directly into

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