Paperless Feedback

Paperless Feedback

Green, accurate and instant. That’s the ideal environment for a great event experience. In today’s Twitter-hyped world, why should you wait to find out how things are going? Why risk that attendees won’t get around to providing feedback after they leave? Make providing feedback during the event simple!

We offer three paperless feedback options for event attendees to use.


EventHub® is a mobile web application that does more than speed up registration and puts the event agenda on each attendee’s favorite mobile device. It delivers surveys based on the attendee’s actions during the event. This enables exhibitors to send out surveys to those who visited their booths. Surveys for specific sessions are only delivered to attendees.

SMS Survey Opt-In

SMS Survey Opt-In leverages any smart phone as a feedback tool. By eliminating additional ARS hardware, this is a very affordable option. It’s also very efficient. There’s no transposing or processing time.

With SMS Feedback, you can promote a dedicated keyword anywhere at the event and deliver a integrated Validar mobile <Anysource> landing source page for lead capture.

We support US and international markets.

See SMS Opt-in in action by texting the word “Validar” to 20691.

Mobile Feedback Stations

Validar can multi-purpose your Onsite Registration Stations once registration is complete and convert them into feedback stations. This option ensures that attendees who don’t have a smart phone still have a place to submit their feedback.

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