Dear Exhibitor,
Validar offers a suite of lead retrieval products and services to help you maximize the return on your investment by identifying quality leads. Whether you desire a quick way to capture as many leads as possible or you want to capture qualifying questions and take notes, we have a solution that you can use on your own device or on a dedicated device provided by Validar. Descriptions of your options available for rent are listed below.

vCapture Pro

✓ Compact size; lightweight

✓ Large touch screen with QR code scanning

✓ Note taking and lead editing functionality

✓ Surveying capabilities

✓ Complete with standard qualifiers

✓ Create custom lead qualifiers (addl. charges will apply)

✓ Automatic upload with WiFi connectivity

vCapture Pro

✓ Compact size; lightweight

✓ Stores over 10,000 leads

✓ Quick upload of daily leads from our service desk

✓ Audible and LED confirmation of scan

✓ Fast and easy qualification with Quick Qualifier Card

✓ Date and time stamp for each lead

✓ Manual upload required

Drive leads from any marketing touch point (tradeshows, website, corporate events, email marketing campaigns, and webinars) direct into using Validar Lead Import for AppExchange.

Included features:

✓ Lead De-Duping

✓ Salesforce ID Matching

✓ Record Type Matching

✓ Field Level Mapping

✓ Lead Creation and

✓ Distribution Rules

✓ Campaign Assignment

✓ Campaign Member Status

✓ Auto-Task Generation and Workflows

✓ Data Cleansing

✓ Archiving of Lead Sources

✓ Import Automation

Add your own custom qualifiers instead of or in addition to the standard questions below:

  1. Would you like information sent to you? { Yes / No }
  2. What is your timetable for decision making? { Now / 30 Days / 3 Months / 6 Months / 1 year }
  3. What is your role in decision making? { Final Say / Recommend / Interest / Purchase / Influence }
  4. Follow up: { Meeting / Proposal / None / Sales call / Demo }
  5. Additional Comments

How do I get my leads?
You will receive an email with login credentials and instruction for accessing your leads prior to the event. After the show is closed, return your device to the registration desk and we’ll make sure that all of your leads have been posted. Have a great show!

How does it work?
Scan the 1D or QR Code printed on the badge – you do not need to remove the badge from the holder. If you are using the vCapture Quick, that’s all! Your lead information has been captured. If you want to take notes and capture lead qualifiers, then vCapture Pro and Pro + with custom qualifiers are the perfect solutions.


How do I order?
Rent your vCapture Quick, License, or iOS device in advance by completing the attached order form and returning it to Validar with payment. You can access the order form below.


Check in with the Exhibitor Lead Retrieval Desk to receive pick up your devices and any further instructions.

You may place an order through April 22nd.