At Validar, we take feedback very seriously and believe there is no better way to gauge your performance as an event producer. EventHub™ was architected to allow for you make the most out of your feedback marketing efforts. Here are three tips that will insure your response rates warrant a data set that is truly indictive of how your content resonated.

1)       Integrated EventHub™ into your Mobile App

EventHub™ is an HTML5 application that can be propagated within any mobile app.  It’s also dynamic. As soon as we recognize an attendee is attending a session or product demonstration we activate a unique evaluation for that content. By integrating EvetnHub™ into your mobile app, now you can encourage your speakers to encourage the audience to provide feedback while your sessions are live.

2)     Market Feedback external to your Mobile App

Mobile app adoption rates are definitely trending up, but they’re nowhere near perfect, especially for single day free events. Capturing feedback from your mobile app only means a percentage of your attendees may not have access. EventHub™ can also be embedded into an email and marketed to attendees that have;

·       Not answered all of their evaluations

·       Not answered any of their evaluations

By specific attendee type.

With EventHub™ you can market feedback both within your mobile app, and external to it with all responses unique to the attendee and going to the same place.

3)     Drive meetings and encourage participation with EventScore and vMeetings

EventScore is the perfect solution for event producers looking for ways to encourage and drive attendee traffic to breakout sessions, product demonstrations, sponsor visits and other event experiences.

vMeetings is intended to allow for you to capture and act upon the renewed interest your content generates in real-time. By coupling vMeeting with EventHub™, you can now allow attendees to opt-in to meet with a speaker or Subject Matter Expert, while a breakout session is live. This opt-in will immediately trigger an SMS, Email acknowledgement or both back to the Attendee with an integrated link to a meeting platform of your choice, such as the Jifflenow, HUBB Meetings, or simple text acknowledgement that produces a lead within our Lead Source Manager and Salesforce.

If you wish to gauge your performance as an event producer we want to help. Let us know if you want to learn more.