Community is one term that we are confident will stick in the paradigm shift we’re currently in. Even though we are seeing positive indicators that face-to-face event marketing will be coming back this fall, many event producers are also extending their content to better serve constituents over time. 1 day or 3 day event experiences are becoming the launching pad or culmination for communities with platforms extending in some cases 365 days per year.

Our customers have been very vocal with their needs, and I am proud of how Validar has been able to adjust our solutions to accommodate.

Struggling with Attendee Engagement?

We can help. Soon, Eventscore can be deployed as a rewards program for extended events with automatic gift fulfillment and point redemption. We want you to reward community members for participating, contributing, and engaging, whether your event is digital only, hybrid or physical.

 Are your Exhibiting sponsors receiving value commensurate with their investment?

We can help. Digital data is very rich. Validar can automate the process of gathering, suppressing for compliance, and distributing this valuable data to exhibitors, live during the event. We can also provide valuable session evaluation and digital booth opt-in tools that allow attendees to opt-in if content resonates, all while earning valuable points redeemable for prizes.

Are you confident your content is resonating?

We can help. Our EventHub™ Dynamic feedback tool is ideally suited for this new world. Using EventHub in collaboration with EventScore will ensure your evaluation response rates are high so you know what content is resonating and generating demand.

Events are coming back but many will be different based upon everything learned during this pandemic.