How do I get access to my login credentials / what if I can't find my user ID and password?
Validar will email your credentials to you. Credentials are granted to one point person on your team. If you are not that person, they will need to authorize you before we can grant you credentials. Messages are sent from If you do not have a message from us, please email us at
How long will my leads be available?
Lead data is available for 30 days post-event.
What datasets will be available from my Swapcard booth?
The default data collected for your booth includes: First Name; Last Name; Job Title; Company; Email Address; and Country. The event sponsor manager may have opted to provide additional fields.
When will my leads be available for download?
Generally, lead information will post near-realtime, but sometimes due to processing between Swapcard and the Validar platform, information may post in Validar up to 30 minutes later.
Is there a way to get ONLY the new leads since my last export?
While in the lead portal, choose the Export option in the left panel. In the main panel, choose "New leads since last export" under Step 2 - Export Options.
Can I download leads from all lead sources at once? I am only able to download one lead source at a time.
Currently, we only support downloading each lead source individually.
Regarding Lead Source Session Attendance, will the actual session name be populated?
If your question is not answered here, please contact us at