4 great features the Validar and Swoogo partnership offers

Validar is proud to be a Swoogo integrated partner. We take pride in our onsite registration and attendee behavior tracking solutions. Combined with Swoogo, Validar can now deliver a complete solution for any event type and size. Our integration combines Swoogo’s Best in Class Registration and Mobile solutions with Validar’s best in class Onsite Registration, Engagement, and Attendee Behavior Tracking tools. You can learn more about Swoogo here

Below are 4 amazing functions we can provide at your next event to deliver an amazing attendee experience, drive more leads, and reward extraordinary engagement at your next event.

1)       Bi-directional integration with the attendee experience in mind

Swoogo has no limit to the layers of If/Then statements and custom fields you can build into your registration form. Literally. Add in anything. Whatever you need your registration form to do, you can do it with Swoogo. Now you can extend your Swoogo Registration platform direct to the show floor with Validar. Speed matters! Validar and Swoogo are prepared to quickly recognize an attendee and print a unique credential of any type. You can also know in real-time overall attendance counts and attendee activity all within the Swoogo Platform.

2)     Increase sponsor lead value and volume with EventHub® and Swoogo Mobile

Now if you give your Exhibitors a slot on the schedule to spotlight their products, Validar and Swoogo will track attendance, allow attendees to opt-in to meet if content resonates, and automatically deliver these data sets live during the event! Distribute up to three amazing lead data sets (booth leads, session attendance list, evaluation opt-in leads) live during the event to your exhibiting sponsors. 

  3)   Score your event content in Swoogo Mobile with Validar’s EventHub® Attendee Tool

Our HTML5 Attendee Tool, EventHub® looks great in Swoogo’s Mobile application. Now you can deploy and gamify dynamic evaluations to score your content. Know which session resonated well and adjust your program to make it even better. Validar and Swoogo have proven to be able to deliver evaluation response rates exceeding 20% which is excellent!

4)    Recognize and market extraordinary engagement with Swoogo Mobile and EventScore

Now, attendees can see and compare their engagement activities against top performers all within Swoogo Mobile. Engagement remains one of the greatest challenges for event producers. Validar and Swoogo provide the perfect marketing tool to help by gamifying session attendance, exhibitor engagement, and evaluation completions. How will your community respond when they see you recognize extraordinary engagement? We have seen amazing results in increased evaluation response rates, and attendee to exhibitor engagement KPI’s with Validar and Swoogo!

Complex events require robust solutions. Validar and Swoogo combined offer an excellent solution to meet any event program needs. Call us to learn more!