Multiple Device Options
Introducing Validar's vCapture Quick, Pro, Pro Plus, and Global lead retrieval solutions. If your sponsors want to simply scan and store contact info only or they desire to rank and categorize leads based upon any criteria whether it may be; sales territory, propensity to buy or return on objective, we have a solution that can meet their needs.
Use your own device
Should you desire to use your own IOS or Android device(s), vCapture can accommodate whether your sporting an Android device, iPhone or an iPad. We can also provide a handheld or iPad device if need be.
Salesforce Integration
Should Validar provide vCapture lead retrieval to your sponsors, we will not only be great ambassadors for your event, we also offer Salesforce integration with our Lead Import for AppExchange tool.
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Don't let leads or data slip through the cracks
Global Lead Retrieval for any event
vCapture can be a great alternative to renting lead retrieval from events that you exhibit at.
Scan Business Cards
Whether your exhibiting at an event with no lead retrieval options, or simply networking, you can use vCapture on your own IOS device to scan score and post business card direct into your Salesforce instance.
Standardize your lead capture program
By using your own custom vCapture solution, you can make sure your leads are captured, qualified and treated consistently from any event globally.
Enable Sales with lead capture
Stop accepting business cards and allowing sales people to work around your CRM system. Enable them with a vCapture app that they can use to capture, score and post leads from networking events automatically.
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Valuable data is leaking from your events and sapping your ROI, stop if with vCapture solutions