Integrate with any Registration Platform
vCheckin is architected to work with any pre-event registration system so the entire experience appears as if one system is serving anywhere from 20 to 50,000 attendees and beyond.
Staffed or Unstaffed
Depending upon your needs and or budget, vCheckin can be deployed on a self-service basis, or we can setup and tear down on your behalf. Our onsite services are second none and there is no easier onsite system to deploy than vCheckin.
Hardware included or Software Only
vCheckin is very scalable and can accommodate any event type. Whether you're simply tracking attendance on your own IOS device, want to use your use your own check-in stations and printers, or prefer we provide everything.
We've managed check-in for the world's top events - find out how we can help you elevate your attendee experience from the start.
Customize your unique onsite experience
vCheckin has an immense amount of capabilities that can be expanded to not only be an extension of your brand, but also manage the most complex onsite registration needs.
4 options to consider
Contact Validar to learn which vCheckin solution is best suited to meet and exceed your expectations. We have four options to consider, Basic, Express, Pro and Enterprise. Your team will help you determine which option best suites your needs.
Unlimited printing capabilities
Whether you desire to print a unique code or image based upon attendee type, unique agenda, meal or concert ticket, vCheckin can be customized to accommodate.
Secure and GDPR Compliant
In today's world, it's important that your attendees are given the appropriate notifications and options so you're compliant. Validar understands this and can build a check-in platform that protects you while not impacting your attendees experience.
Our clients love us
We have options for event and budgets of all sizes, chat with an expert today to learn more.