vConnect, Managed Package for AppExchange
Automatically capture your attendees entire journey including renewed interest by leveraging vConnect and Salesforce Campaigns.
Accelerate the Buying Cycle
vConnect allows you to capture the overall impact your event content had on each attendees propensity to buy for during and post event treatment, including call downs. Extend the conversation post event with vConnect!
Use Salesforce? Talk to one of our experts about integrating ALL your events data with your system.
Measure your Events like you do your Digital Media
Extend Salesforce down to the show floor and capture all content your attendees consume including renewed interest and meetings requested.
Session attendee opt-in
Use vConnect to capture attendee "opt-in" interest for direct sales contact if session content resonates within a Salesforce Campaign.
Enhance your Marketing Automation strategy
With all of your attendees data flowing swiftly into Salesforce, your marketing efforts can be optimized quickly. Segment your session audience so Marketing Automation can be even more effective.
Perfect Follow-up
The complete picture of your customer, along with the detailed event activity now available to you, your Sales and Marketing teams can close leads more efficiently.
Our clients love us
Empower your Sales and Marketing team with event and attendee data they've never had before.