Digital-only solutions for Swapcard
Increase attendee engagement and
deliver more sponsor value!
vSpace Essential

Gamification only on the Swapcard platform.
vSpace Professional

Gamification that includes EventHubâ„¢ Dynamic Feedback for session tracking, content measurement, and overall Event Insight access.
vSpace Enterprise

Add additional exhibitor lead capture tools and services to make sure your exhibitors get the value they deserve for investing in your event.
Whichever program you choose, gamification with EventScore encourages attendee engagement across all passive activities.
With vSpace we can provide redeemable points to attendees for engaging with the following activities:
Attending Sessions
Completing Evaluations
  • Professional and Enterprise tiers only
Sponsor Engagement options include:
Booth Visits
  • Booth Bookmark opt-ins (vCapture Virtual)
  • Booth Visits
  • Exhibitor Booth Content Downloads
  • Exhibitor Booth bookmarks only
  • Session bookmarks only
  • Exhibiting Sponsor Meetings requested
  • Exhibitor product bookmarks only
  • Exhibitor product clicks only
  • Exhibitor banner ad clicks only
With the vSpace Enterprise option, all of the aforementioned Sponsor Engagement datasets can be distributed to each exhibiting sponsors secure lead source manager!

EventScore is perfectly suited for help encourage your community to engage over time with rewards for participation across all facets of your event. You can even encourage attendees to "opt-in" to meet subject matter experts if session content resonated leveraging or EventHub Dynamic Feedback application. A great way to drive even more value to your exhibitors.