Which of your event’s speakers really made an impact?

And which should you have back…?

It’s funny, as marketers we put an incredible amount of time and energy into tracking every metric we can. From pageviews to clickthroughs to open-rates, we diligently track our marketing efforts and even pay handsomely for tools that will help us do it.

Something changes though, when it comes to events. It seems, by and large, that this penchant for tracking and measuring fades when it comes to the content of our conferences, summits, meetups, and other in-person events. Because of it, we’re often left wondering exactly what about events worked and didn’t work.

Good speakers and effective sessions will carry your event toward its goals. A lackluster lineup will leave everyone disappointed. That simple fact, combined with the sheer amount of effort we know you put into your event’s sessions, is why we’ve been so focused on providing organizers with critical insights on their in-event content via EventHub Mobile Feedback.

You could think of everything you get much like what Google Analytics gives you for your website. In 2020, we’re encouraging everyone to bring that same level of meticulous tracking you do with blogs, emails, and social media, right to the show floor. This data will allow you to optimize your sessions, save money, time, resources, keep attendee satisfaction high, and generate more leads than ever.

And, whether you choose to use Validar tools or not, we believe feedback is the best way to gauge speaker performance and overall content effectiveness, provided your evaluation response rates are high enough.

We recommend the following:

  • Drive to at least a 15% Evaluation response rate
  • Incentivize your attendees to participate and complete their evaluations
  • Build your evaluations so that they provide insight as to how they are supporting your business goals
  • Try out active and passive attendee tracking depending to find what works best for your events

For years, getting this type of insight from attendees has been either impossible, prohibitively expensive or time-consuming, and just plain painful. No longer! With the right setup, you can monitor these things in real-time and immediately understand what to do more of and where you can improve.

The Validar team has made it our mission to support event marketers trying to drive important business outcomes and generate leads. If you are planning an event this year and want or need to be more informed about the outcomes you’re generating, get in touch, we’d love to coach you through some self-help options or tell you about some of our ready-made or custom solutions.