Whether your event is virtual or hybrid, we can deliver an amazing solution!
You're facing an exciting new reality when it comes to event marketing and production. From virtual events, to hybrid events with contactless check-in, and new event safety practices, we're here to help you adapt and thrive.

See our free Hybrid Events Guide for recommendations and don't miss Orbit, our new solution for event marketers looking to benefit from the best parts of in-person and virtual events.
Before: Preparing your marketing stack
Consuming complex event data within your marketing stack can be a daunting task; Validar makes it easy. Contact us to rethink that way you prepare your marketing stack pre-event so that your capturing each attendees overall response to your amazing event content.
Look at the full stack
Validar has a solution for all your event needs
During: Capture attendee data you didn't think was possible
No matter your event intent, Validar's onsite technology will capture what content your attendees are consuming, it's impact, and drive more face to face meetings should it resonate. With Validar, your team can see in real-time sessions attended, sponsors visited, product demos, and feedback.
After: Accelerate Sales and measure Revenue Impact
There is no better way to generate demand than through events. The challenge is capturing and consuming complex data. With Validar, you can accelerate the buying cycle by driving rich actionable data, including renewed interest into your Marketing stack for treatment. Your event is worth it! Call Validar to learn how to articulate your marketing value.
We really cannot thank you and your team enough for the success of our DevDays 2020 Virtual Event!
Mary Ann Boyle
Director of Meetings, HL7
The Validar team was fantastic with our DevDays 2020 Virtual Event. Well done!
Dave Hamill
Director Project Management, HL7
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