Since 2005, Validar Inc. has helped B2B event marketers better understand and articulate their value. It is vitally important to us that our customers get the credit they deserve for their event marketing efforts and our technology not only does this, we also help deliver a best-in-class attendee experience as well.
Our History

Validar has deep roots in the event and enterprise feedback industry. The premise of our value to our customers is a derivative of our history as both a receiver of leads from events and our experience in delivering best in class survey and feedback technology. Our experience in the events industry has affirmed our belief that qualifying leads at the point of capture and when in dialog at events by asking the right questions is the key to high-quality lead generation and measuring performance.

Our Vision

Our goal is to close the loop between event marketing and sales by enabling through technology the ability to driving relevant activity to sales while measuring the performance of their event marketing campaigns. We want our customers to understand the true economic value of their event marketing efforts.

Our Difference

While we offer best-in-class software and service, Validar's underlying differentiator is our ability to provide lead management value through the deployment of our event technology and services. If you're producing an event with a primary purpose of generating renewed interest in your products and services, Validar is the perfect fit.

Our Promise

Validar takes great pride in our technology and services. We will always provide 100% effort in understanding your event marketing goals and objectives, and our promise is to meet or exceed your expectations at every event.