Real time results
If you want to know in real-time who showed up, who did not, and who walked on, Event Insight will help. You can also see overall session attendance, exhibit and sponsors traffic, and more importantly the feedback for each.
Event Insight Mobile
Drill down to individual attendee activity with Event Insight Mobile. Know what sessions and sponsors your key attendees are visiting, and more importantly the impact this content had on their buying propensity.
Simplify complex event data
With Event Insight, you can export whatever you desire, including overall event attendance, session data, sponsor data, feedback, and more.
See your event in ways you never thought possible
Event Insight - your Event Data Hub
With Event Insight, you can extend your event data in a secure fashion live, to Management, Sales and your Marketing Stack.
VIP access for Sales
Via Event Insight, you can enable Event Insight Mobile access to anyone. Now your sales team can see in real-time what their key customers and prospects are doing!
Rest API
Whether your in need of treating attendees in real-time within your marketing stack or you want to analyse your data in a visualization tool, Validar can accommodate with our Rest API.
Use Smartlist to market feedback to the right attendees, those that have not answered all or any of their evaluations. Make sure your responses rates are high!
Unlock new opportunities from all your events
Real-time insights
Get a bird's eye view of your events, VIPs, sponsor metrics, and more.
Attendee Drill Down
Event Insight Mobile will provide you a real-time view on VIP attendee activity such as, arrival time, sessions attended, sponsors visited and more importantly, feedback on all.
Create a VIP watch list on your mobile phone
Event Insight Mobile will tell you when you VIP prospects and customers arrive and who has yet too.
Live Overall Event Attendance
Grant secure access to anyone who is interested in live attendance metrics; who has showed, who hasn't, who has walked-on by attendee type.
Event Insight Mobile, the ideal sales enablement tool
Give your sales team the live event data they need to accelerate their opportunities.
Real-time feedback
Use Event Insight Mobile to see what your key prospects and customers think of session content in real-time.
Product Demo's
If you have a booth at your event, Event Insight Mobile will let you know if key customers have stopped by for a product demo or meeting, provided you're tracking that activity with vCapture.
HTML 5 Application
Access Event Insight Mobile on any device, whether it be Android, IOS or Windows.
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