There is no better way to generate demand than through events. The challenge is capturing and consuming complex data. Validar, can help by providing the required pre, during and post event solutions to assist along the journey. Whether your exhibiting at a tradeshow or producing your own proprietary event, your event is worth it!

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Before your event
No matter the registration provider, or if you're using Marketing Automation for pre-event registration, Validar has solution that can not only integrate seamlessly, we can also enhance by delivering integrated ticketing and feedback.
With Validar, your sales team and marketing stack will know in real-time what content is resonating, generating renewed interest and how your sponsors are doing on an overall and individual attendee basis. Validar delivers the data and results you need to measure your performance.
Consuming complex event data within your CRM system and Marketing Stack can be a daunting task; Validar makes it easy. Contact us to rethink that way you prepare your marketing stack so that your capturing each attendees overall response to your amazing event content. With Validar, your systems and sales team will know, who attended, what content they consumed, and more importantly, if that content resonated and generated renewed interest.
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