CRM Plus+

CRM Plus+

Revenue impact from events can be significant, yet without conversion to actionable data, much of the potential fizzles away. Validar CRM Plus+ is focused on capturing revenue opportunities.

Sending targeted information to sales staff immediately ensures follow-up while leads are the warmest. With CRM Plus+, we customize your lead/customer data so you can plan targeted, more effective campaigns.

Validar CRM Plus+ converts data into a CRM or Marketing Automation system-friendly format.

  • ISO Code Country Standards
  • USPS State Codes for US and CA
  • Replacement Values For Questions/Headers
  • Replacement Values for Pick One and Pick Many questions
  • Postal Code and Phone Number formatting
  • Email Address formatting
  • Column Ordering
  • Specific Column Output
  • Combining Results from Multiple Fields
  • Forced Specific Text Casing
  • Campaign specific Values

Turn the data you capture at an event into revenue! Use CRM Plus+ to build sales campaigns.

This is a custom service. Cost is a derivative of your formatting requirements.

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