Event Insight Mobile

Event Insight Mobile

The mobile version of Event Insight just made event management easier. With all the capabilities of Event Insight on a mobile phone, show managers and major stakeholders can be anywhere onsite and still remain connected with real-time information.

Event Insight Mobile Delivers:

  • Real-time attendee statistics—How many people have checked in? How many pre-registered attendees are left to check in? How many attendees are walk ins?
  • Search for attendees—Has a specific attendee checked in, and at what time?
  • Personalized watch list—Where are VIP attendees right now?
  • Attendee drill down—When did they arrive? What sessions did they attend? What feedback have they submitted? What exhibitors did they visit?

From the moment of attendee check in via Validar Onsite Registration Manager, your mobile phone will give you the actionable stats you need for a successful event!

Validar Event Insight Mobile:

event-insight-mobileEvent Insight Mobile, real-time check in stats with a drill down watch list!

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