Event Insight

Event Insight

Measure event results. Turn to Validar Event Insight for real time and post event metrics that measure your event performance.
We capture your data from all of our à la carte applications in a dedicated Event Insight dashboard. As an event producer, you’ll find the information that tells you who attended.

Audience Segmentation

Whether you’re pitching your service or product one-on-one or to an audience, Validar gives your attendees and leads control over how you treat them post-event. At the same time, we help you segment your audience and leads based their value to you.

For example, when you know where prospects are in the buying cycle, you drive relevant activity to your sales team and treat your leads and attendees that way they want to be treated.

  • View your attendance
  • See which sessions drew the most attendees
  • Find out which exhibitors were most popular
  • Track feedback results

Event Insight drills down to attendee specific information.

  • Who attended?
  • Where did each person go?
  • What feedback did each person provide?
  • What sponsors did they visit?

Performance Measurement

Our tools enable both event producers and vendors to gauge their performance against the intent behind the event.

We help our clients identify which metrics they want to measure, choosing tangible and measurable objectives. We identify the results they want to achieve so the data we collect is actionable.

All through the event we capture data. Then the moment the doors close, we tabulate the results. It’s then simple to interpret this information. Not only does our post-event data let you compare your goals against actual event outcomes, it enables you to act upon the information.

Attendee Insight Export

Post-event, all this information is delivered in an actionable CSV or Excel format. Your lead management and sales teams have the full set of data they need to reach out to attendees post event in the way attendees are most likely to appreciate.

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