Event Ticket

Event Ticket

Validar’s Event Ticket is a great EventHub® extension and it speeds up the check-in process onsite while delivering a great attendee experience. With Event Ticket, attendees are granted access to your event in a paperless fashion. Simply pull and EventHub® export and send via email to your registered attendee tickets in one of three means:

  • PK Pass File – Now attendees can add their ticket to iPhone Passbook, Android Pass Wallet or Windows Wallet.
  • EventHub® link – Add an attendees Event Ticket to their EventHub® link
  • Embedded QR Code image – Allow those attendees that do not have a smart phone to print off their Event Ticket as they would an airline boarding pass

The check-in experience for your event will be the same as if you were checking in with a QR Code at the airport. Additional features available via the PK Pass file are:

  • Geo location notifications
  • Time-based notifications
  • Direct links to social media sites
  • Instant access to collateral or materials
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