Sponsor Lead Retrieval

Sponsor Lead Retrieval

Validar’s Lead Retrieval solution gives sponsors or exhibitors at your event multiple ways to capture leads. It’s our goal to make sure your sponsors receive the lead capture solution that best suits their event marketing strategy. If their goal is to capture as many leads as possible, our Quick Scan device is ideal. If they want to take notes and ask custom qualifiers we can accommodate as well via a Pocket PC based, and soon iTouch or iPad.

Lead Retrieval lets you:

  • Merge 1D and QR code badge information automatically with pre-event registration data
  • Capture quick qualifiers with QuickScan
  • Brand Pocket PC and PC content to customer or partner specs
  • Switch configurations on the fly to store session scanning swipes

The powerful admin console on the Pocket PC option makes it easy to:

  • Randomly select for prize drawings, etc.
  • Store leads at swipe
  • Add notes and edit records
  • Automate lead back-up to computer on each submission
  • Rank and categorize leads using question profiles

Sponsors or exhibitors can track sales territory, propensity to buy, return on objective—anything worth tracking. We’ll set up our lead retrieval system to meet your needs. Information is ready for download immediately post-event.

Pre-purchase and event rentals of our Lead Retrieval units options are both available.

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