Validar Quick Scan
This session tracking option is a fast, simple, affordable way to track attendance in breakout sessions. All scans include a date/time stamp. Data can be posted while sessions are still active.
iTouch and Linea Pro Scanner
Should your requirements go beyond the Quick Scan, our mobile Solution comprised of an iTouch with a Linea Pro scanner is perfect. This is by far our fastest scanner! Works great in low light and requires no auto focus. With this device you can:
  • Control access to paid or assigned sessions
  • Control access by attendee type
  • Control room capacity across multiple devices
  • Access Control – Red light/Green light capabilities
Validar BLE iBeacon tracking (Implicit)
If your requirements ask for individual attendee "time in room" metrics, or you want to be less intrusive by not having staff manning scanners at your session entrances, our BLE solution is just what you need. This solution is great if you want to know:
  • Who entered the Expo Hall?
  • Keynote?
  • Traffic trends by time of day?
  • Session attendance and time in room metrics without scanning
Do you know what your attendees are engaging with?
Session tracking for Any Attendee Experience
Validar can help you deliver a great attendee experience without impacting data accuracy.
Self Scan into sessions
You want accurate session attendance data without having to pay for staff at your session entrances, Validar can accommodate with our fast self scanning solution. This works great when deployed with EventScore, our attendee incentive application.
Deploy both active and passive tracking
Scan if you need to know accurate attendance counts, or passively track with BLE shoudl scanning be too intrusive.
Session Tracking with EventHub feedback for Tradeshows
Track content consumption and capture feedback by simply scanning theater presentations, etc. and marketing feedback using EventHub. There is no better way to categorize leads!
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